How-to Fly FPV Quadcopter/Drone // Beginner: Lesson 4 // Throttle Control


Hey guys, this is an updated version of the How-to Fly FPV – Throttle Control video. — New to FPV? Start here: …


  1. I can't keep altitude on Liftoff with the FlySky Nirvana NV14 so difficult not sure if it's really that hard or if settings aren't correct or just practice practice practice. But it's the throttle input it's so sensitive.

  2. I have purchased the runcam swift 2 and I do not want to use the osd in the camera because I have a separate osd on my flight controller that is configurable in beta flight. My main aim is to be able to change my rates through the osd on my FC as I am a begginer.

  3. Thanks for the video… Great work 🙂 Can you please give us more info on the simultaor you spoke of ? Full name or purchase / download source ? Cheers 🙂


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