How-to Fly FPV Quadcopter/Drone // Beginner: Lesson 1 // Hovering (Updated Video)


Hey guys, this is an updated version of the How-to Fly FPV – Hovering Tutorial Video. Download the Liftoff Track here: …


  1. I built an spaceone quad, and rr5 alien, and now an astrox x5, all with high end parts, but everytime i want to fly i talk myself out of it. Cause i don't want too lose them. I know i just need to go and fly

  2. Thank you Jack, I'm full of bad habits from flying toy drones and now that I'm getting started in racing quads it's hard to learn how to fly Air mode… Just got a 3inch (FullSpeed Leader 120) and really want to free style, will follow your tips religiously, eh eh… All the best


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