How to fly a quadcopter (part 1)


This video is about how to fly a multirotor For more info go to my website: Facebook: …


  1. when i give throttle above 50% it starts hovering and quad gets top height normally. Flight is fine & stable. The problem with my quad is that when i want to land, throttle is given less then 50% and it falls down.
    i want my quad to maintain certain height let say 1 to 2 meter from ground. How is that possible ?
    transmitter i am using is Flysky Fsi10.

  2. Are the more expensive drones like the phantom easier to fly? Because I have a cheap "quadrone pro cam" and it just flys anyway that it wants, it's very difficult to control especially outdoors. It's basically impossible to get good video on it because it doesn't hover, Im constantly adjusting the tilt and turn. I want to get high flying aerials and it DEFINITELY is not possible with this little drone.

  3. tell me why I can't fly for shit! can yoy fly after a bent propeller? I mean obviously after you straighten it out? otherwise this is an expensive as hobby. my props are some sort of backward screwing self tightening and expensive and I went through two just today with all the dam crashing


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