How to Fly a Quadcopter Drone: Banked Turns


Learn the best and quickest way to turn your quad. Please turn on closed captions, annotations, and watch full screen. From


  1. I crash my proto X Nano. On my roof. now the two front motors are little wobbly. the whole pieces little wobbly. Not the motor. should I put a drop of super glue in between the frame and the plastic mount. To stop it from wobbling. It still flies fine. Actually flies. More stable. Pittsburgh Al. Thanks

  2. Sorry, but I still have no idea what you're doing. There's no explanation about what the cryptic stuff at the bottom means, and watching the controls doesn't help since you didn't say whether you are using mode 1 or 2. I hate to sound critical after you've put in the effort to be helpful, but as it is, this just isn't very helpful.

  3. Like to know if any Quad copters make very little noise? maybe gearless kind? I know much can not be done for prop noise but maybe motor. Any one have one under $125.

  4. A captioned transcript is being prepared for this video outlining each maneuver along with controller positions to achieve it. It will play in time with the video. Expect it by this weekend. QC101


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