How to Fly An FPV Race Drone. Learn how to Fly a drone in the UAVFUTURES Flight school. Some step by step basics to help people fly their drone from …


  1. These videos are still a work in progress and as I make more I expect them to improve, but even though most of my subs are past this point I hope it helps new people up and flying. Happy flying, Stew. PS I know i mixed pitch and roll and yaw up, hard to talk and fly lol

  2. G,day mate Jason here from UK, been watching your vids a lot lately. Got a mavic pro 1st quad and mastered that been looking for a bit more of a challenge and fpv racing/ flying caught my attention after watching your vids. U got me hooked so just bought a wizard x220s flysky and eachine box goggles to get me started! Love your vids and always look forward to all your reviews with ya pals, keep it up mate you the dood! Any advice appreciated thanks jay!!

  3. its pretty hard flying … and takes time to practice … i got myself learning on lift off simulator first but eather level or acro mode arent helping at all .. still find it most convinient flying in 3D mode

  4. Hi, I'm new to these racing drones and just got into the sport after flying phantoms with GPS hold etc for a few years. For a begginer like me with little experience with flying with no assist like gps hold, return to home, auto hover etc etc, should I start off flying line of sight which I have been doing for a few days now learning to hover and getting used to a completely new feel of these drones or should I attach my LCD display to my hubsan h122d and start learning basic turns?? Any help will be much appreciated thanks.

  5. I found with the simulator you need to keep an eye on the throttle when doing those nice banked turns as I found it easy to forget about the 'third item' (elevation) during those.
    Turning preference…hmmmmm I used to find the same thing on my motorcycle. Drag the knee on left turns but right sweepers were always strange feeling for some reason and I couldn't get as low. Thanks for the video and lesson!

  6. Thanks stew, ive been watching all ur videos but these r the most seen by me, pls keep putting more and more of content in this playlist! Btw, what where the rates set? The rc rates and the super rates, it will be very helpful

  7. I was flying p3 & solo & bebop 2. And thanks to videos like this I have sold all of them and moved on to actual flying. Acro mode is so much fun. Thought I had control with p-uavs…. Ha. AND i thought the the solo was fast! Nothing compared to emax night hawk

  8. I'm new to flying in manual with a zmr250 iv'e always flown in GPS with a Phantom 3 standard, Question is it better to fly with triple props when being a beginner and what are the advantages flying with triple props, at the moment i'm using single props

  9. I appreciate this series of videos. I finally was able to hover through 4 batteries a day for three days. I'm not saying I did it well but I did finish without crashing, breaking props, or hurting myself. I did twist my arm but that was from patting myself on the back. You mentioned you are switching transmitters. Have you selected the one you will be using?
    Also, I am practicing with a wizard 220 and had to reduce the throttle curve to have any control over it. Before the wizard I started with a micro FPV which is very easy to control but too light for outdoors. Can you recommend one or two drones that would be between the wizard and the micro, designed for outdoor use and bit easier to control than the Wizard. I am not looking for speed on this one but primarily easier control and being able to use the transmitter and 3S batteries that I use with the wizard. Thanks

  10. Practice both turns!
    I fell into this trap.
    I can hairpin to the left all day, but can't turn right for crap. Need more practice.
    And really, that's the takeaway from this series: PRACTICE.

  11. Hey Stu. How long did it take you to really get comfortable with flying with the fpv goggles? I've been flying after about a month or two weeks without their goggles just line-of-sight and about a week now with the goggles and it's still way hard.

  12. I know you get this all the time, but I want to get in to ACRO flying. I'm pretty good with LOS on horizon mode (NONFPV) but, want to FPV ACRO. More trick flying than racing. What is a good strong learner quad to use? Looking something that can take a crash but, be powerful enough that it will last a while. Wind here averages about 5 to 10 MPH. Thanx in advance, love your videos.

  13. A quick question, what is the tilted orange "box" on the very top of the drone in this video? Is it a 2nd camera? It looks like there is already an integrated forward-facing camera in the drone already? If this is correct, why does your drone have or need two cameras? It also looks like many of the drones hanging on the wall behind you have similar tilted plastic boxes (but the boxes are empty) on the tops of the drones, I see some yellow, black, and tan boxes. Can you explain more about them? Thanks!


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