How to Fly a Drone Quadcopter – Basic Tutorial


How to Fly a Drone Quadcopter – Basic Tutorial – Learning How to Fly a Drone Quadcopter. This video is about the basics of flying a new drone quadcopter and getting the feel for how it handles….


  1. It would be great if you could do some-what of a re do of this video, except mount the Go-Pro to the controller instead? So we can get a better view of how your fingers are manipulating the transmitter during turns and such. Thanks!

  2. I have a Protocol Quad I got from Best Buy for like $70. I was so excited…until I tried to fly it. As a noob I naturally assumed it was something I was doing wrong but now I'm not so sure. Here's what happened; everytime I apply pressure to the throttle control and try to raise the Quad into the air, it will rotate. I'll give it just the tiniest amount of throttle to get things spinning and it'll be trying to go up. It's at this point, if I do nothing, it will begin to rotate counterclockwise. When I try to take off with at normal speed without ultra-easing into it, it'll ascend above 4 inches then dive bomb to the left, or, if it had enough time to spin counterclockwise, it'll dive bomb to the right. I decided it had to be a trim problem. I attempted adjusting the trim but have no clue if I did it properly. I've flown other drones before and they would go perfectly or almost perfectly straight up when pushing the throttle gently forward and for the most part they would be able to maintain a hover. This drone, forget about it.

    Before I return it, is there any advice? Could there be an issue with the drone not being balanced properly or trim controls needing major adjusting? I'm not sure if this is relevant but when I'm easing into the throttle, one of the propellers won't be spinning while the other 3 will. The 4th will finally engage once I bring the throttle up to slighlty above the middle point of the default zero middle of the control. This is the point where it will start trying to get off the ground and hover a bit but also be slowly rotating to the left. If I try to give it any more juice to get off the ground, it'll get off the ground for sure but it quickly dives left or right even though I'm not engaging any other controller function othet than 'UP' on the throttle.

    Ideas, tips, thoughts!?!


    Also, great video. That's an awesome quad you've got there.

  3. hello my friend and nice vid..i have a question.i have an ufo venture wuadcopter without a cam but its big and i want to fly good but sometimes i an trying to steer somewhere and it doesnt go even without wind.any advice?

  4. Great video! I haven't had a chance to take mine outside yet due to the freaking Windy City cold brrr temps. Your right, I just want to take it and go crazy. But I am going to follow your direction and take my time! I'm 52 so I still have plenty of time. I have a Syma X5c upgrade version for now.
    Any more pointers would be appreciated thanks ps I'll,be moving down there pretty soon near LakeLand

  5. thanks! I just got a little syma x5sw for xmas and I know that's not anything amazing but I wanted to learn how to fly it at least adequately. I like that your video is informative and entertaining. It helps me not just with how to do a certain move, but the best items to work on first AND how to practice them.

  6. Biggest prob I have with these things is getting the trim set so it doesn't veer off one way or the other just trying to hover…many a drones have met the ground or wall at 85 mph due to my impatience with trim lol


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