How to Fly a Drone Quad with Phone using WiFi UFO or Wifi FPV App


Tutorial on how to setup the WiFi FPV WiFi UFO app to fly and control your drone, Quad etc. I hope it helps you and thumbs up as it will encourage me to do …


  1. 1. Have you tried the HR SH6 drone bundled with HTS-UFO app?

    2. When I switched ON both the drone and app on my phone, the camera and video works fine but the motor cannot be started? Any suggestion how to troubleshoot and fix this issue?

    3. It is working fine using the transmitter provided but I only want to use my phone to control the flight and take photos and videos.

  2. I turned on the Wifi, it picked up the drone. The app was installed but nothing happens when I tap the arrow button on the left for the motors, nothing happens. Are there any other apps that will work with this?

  3. Yes, it has been a helpful video. I just test drove my (first) new drone today in the park. Mine isn't exactly like your demo model, but similar, and your video demo has helped me understand stuff that I couldn't understand from the tiny, tinyily-printed extremely Chinglish owners' manual. Thanks a lot!

  4. Clear and easy to follow video, one of the best review in my opinion. Thanks! Now my questions, hope you do't mind Tigger…lol.

    1) Can I change to a higher resolution camera? If so, will you be able to show me how? As I have a few Smart Phone cameras with up to 21mp lying around my hobby shack.

    2) What's the average per charge flying time and how long does it take for a full charge?

    3) I currently have one F181 6 Gyro Quadcopter but stupidly, I ordered the one without Wifi. It records HD video though I have never been able to capture myself in the screen being unable to see it on an app when flying. By any chance, do you have an idea as to how I can perhaps connect a wifi card to it and use the app?

    4) Lastly, I also have an old (in fact, new as it has only been flown thrice before I gave up…lol) it's the Doublehorse 900 Helicopter. It would take off but will fly sideways after about 1m in height, no matter what I did. Any professional suggestion, sir?

    Very much appreciate your help in whatsoever way. Many thanks, subscribed, liked, and cheers!!!

  5. Thank you so much,you have helpen me in agood wat, and eachine 50 is my first mini drone, and actually By your video's to look have you made me curious and now i find it so much that i'm going to buy a Drone every month now.
    It Will be summer hey, with my drone in THE summer and find beautiful places to fly.
    And i watch out to your nee video, and i wish you Nice day.
    And greeting from the netherland.

    Henry M.

  6. After my wife bought a fidget spinner (followed soon after by my two daughters), she suggested I might like one, so I bought a Cheerson CX-10W on Ali Express for not much more – not what she had in mind, but bits spin when I fidget with it! Now my two daughters want one each too, next morning I win a pink one on eBay for £10.50, following morning I win another pink one, a CX-10WD (I'll probably end up with that one, as there'll be a fight if one arrives before the other) for £10.80. All I need now is a massive building my eight year old daughter and my five year old daughter can learn to fly in without crashing as often as me!


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