How To Fly A Drone – Quad Basics


Josh and Alex share some tips on how to fly a drone and become a skilled drone pilot! The Vortex 150 is a great beginner drone that you can grow with: …


  1. I would have to disagree, I would recommend starting out on acro mode. Start out on a sim until you can fly acro. if you start out on angle or hirizon mode you are going to pick up bad habits.

  2. I have been flying RC aircraft for many years. Finally giving quads a try. When a RC car/plane/heli comes toward you the controls appear to reverse. It's a mind game. You have to force yourself to switch it in your head. Does anyone mix yaw and roll? I used to have a switch for that on my RC planes for helping me make coordinated turns.

  3. Listen folks, if you really want to learn how to fly DO NOT START IN AUTO LEVEL MODE for god sake, it teaches you nothing its the same as a DJI or walmart bought drone you learn nothing and your learning all the bad habbits that will make you crash in ACRO mode. If you want to learn how to really fly like you see on TV and like every single pro pilot learn in acro, a 5 year old can fly in self level or auto level mode. And not the reason to learn acro is nothing to do with programming these dudes IDK about saying that the reason is you will think you can fly like a pro in auto level then want to try to start doing real tricks and switch to acro an crash, because you have already learn you can just push what ever stick you want all the way it goes. and when you need to slow down or stop you just let off the pitch and it levels and stops no you need to learn how to actually fly if you want to fly like the pros you see. Acro trainer on betaflight might be a good option for you. I say this because it will be harder for your to learn how to fly acro once your brain has been taught the wrong way to fly, and then you will wish you just would have took the 2 days to learn how to actually fly, im telling you right now it will take 3 times as long to figure out how to fly in acro or manual you know like a real pilot flys if you start in self level dont do that trust me. I am one of the best pilots in the world and fly multirotors for a living and race against the best in the world. Start off by learning to fly acro, so you dont pick up all those bad habbits you will have to try to get rid of once you start flying acro. I know you dont understand now but one day you will if get serious about it. Then you will know what im talking about.

  4. I do agree with you should learn how to fly Line of sight first, when I first got into it thats how I learn was LOS then bought a pair of goggles. You would not believe that most of the races I go to almost all of those guys can not fly a multi-rotor in Line of Sight they would crash, and when they see me testing mine with no goggles on and take off and go do some flips to see how its reacting they freak out, like how are you flying acro LOS without crashing. Its because real pilots can fly both ways not just one. This I guess is why I always win and dont crash out of course unless I have a battery go down or a part fry on me. BUT what I DONT AGREE WITH is you should make your own quad. This is why because for one most of the RTF quads suck or can be made way better, second is if they are new to the sport and they are trying to learn LOS first like you say they are going to crash over and over again, if they bought a RTF they know nothing about the quad how it works how to diagnose whats wrong, they will just say oh I broke it, if they dont know how to fly yet most of these people will say well that was a waist of money and throw it in the closet thinking its some impossible feat to fix a simple problem then they will never get into the sport, vs if they build one not knowing how yes it will take them a week, but by the time they get it together they know what part is what what that part does why the part has to be there if something stops working what part to look at like say your video is blacked out or your getting video and its alot of static, they will think this sucks I just bought it and now its broke. It turn people away from something new when they spend a lot of money then it breaks when in all reality they had a broken connector on a pig tail or the connector on the pig tail came off the VTX and that could be fixed in a 2 mins right there in the field and they could go right back to flying but because they bought a RTF drone they dont know anything about it, all they see is they got there hopes up of flying like on TV spent alot of money then flew it 1 or time and now its broken. This is why they should start buy building there own, most of the issues can be fixed out in the field. even if its small soldering. Its like when someone breaks there phone they just go oh I broke it there is nothing I can do and will go buy another one. Well in the quad world more than likely they want buy another one just feel like they got ripped off, and buy the way on the phone thing most people dont realize you can fix 90% of what wrong with your phone your self if you just knew what you were doing why do you think they want your broken phones, what you think they throw them away. No they send you a new phone under warranty and have a tech pop it open and fix it in 5 mins then resend it to the next dumb dumb that does a warranty claim. the same concept here. If they want to get into the world of freestyle and racing they need to build there own.

  5. I was hoping there would be follow up videos to this so that new pilots could have a progression path to nose in flying, tricks, fpv and the like. You've done such a great job with this video. For a year I flew angle mode and rarely horizon mode until I watched this video. I decided after watching this that I would tackle acro mode. Made a promise to myself to fly ONLY acro mode.

    I have stayed faithful to my goal and flown acro since then. I was terrified of acro mode and my only experience in acro had been crashing within 20 seconds of take-off. I'm happy to say that I no longer fear it. I'm actually a much better pilot now due to flying in acro mode. I've still got a long, long way to go, but I feel like it's possible now.

    If you could find the time to make a follow up video I feel confident there would be many pilots who would benefit, not just me. Thanks, guys! This has been a game changer for me and my friends.

    the stopping position of my elevator stick at the bottom so when im not touching it at all my motor will be running at 50 percent. I have to keep the stick at the bottom for about 5 seconds to set it. how do I make it so the stopping position is in the middle?


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