How to fly a drone indoors | DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro, Spark


Let me show you how to safely fly a DJI Phantom ( drone indoors. I will be using the DJI Phantom 4 for demonstration purposes, but you can use …


  1. I used the downward sensors indoors flying over a 12 foot balcony. I launched the drone from the balcony and as soon as I cleared the balcony, I lost control of the drone and it crashed into a wall… is that because there was such a drastic difference in the floor?

  2. Hi Tom, great video as usual! Need some advice, my Spark (which is the only thing I dare fly indoors, doesnt hover in one place like in your videos or some I've seen on YouTube. It goes to the left or right on its own, sometimes, forward and backwards as well.. Any suggestions as to whats going on?

  3. Nice tutorial but I have a question. You mention in your video you can not fly higher than 3m indoors with the visual positioning on. I assume then that with it off you can then fly higher – I am flying a Mavic?
    I also used tripod mode flying indoors which is great to slowly move around (with a lot less chance of crashing).

    Lastly what was the music you used in the video with the girl running through the greenhouse – very appropriate?

  4. Hi,
    I love your reviews and I wonder if you can do a review on flying the Spark with Android vs Iphone phones, I say this because I have discovered that Helix and Dronie work only with Iphones and not with Android phones.

  5. Hey Tom! Great video. The opening of the sexy woman woman running in the Converse sneakers was cool. I just bought a P4P and your tutorials combined with hands on demonstrations are extremely helpful and much easier to understand than most other youtubers. Keep up the excellent work as you're my go to guy for professional safe drone operation. Thanks again!
    I really like the dancing astronaut in your intro!

  6. Can you do an updated version of this for flying the Mavic indoors? There's a lot of debate about it. Some block GPS using copper tape, others leave it on, etc. What's your preferred method?


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