How to fly a drone for beginners tutorial



  1. Thank you for a detailed explanation. It helped me to fly my drone which was sitting 8 months on the shelf not able to fly it the correct way. But the gyro set up was a missing piece of the puzzel, now I really enjoy it. thanks again

  2. Thanks for a great video. Just got a Drocon Cyclone X708W for Christmas and I am new to Drones. Before I even try to fly it I think it best to learn as much as possible. My biggest problem is learning the terminology associated with drones. For example, my instruction manual talks about 'Trimmer' buttons but I don't know what the term 'Trimmer' means. Another term is 'Headless Mode'. Do you have another video that explains these terms?

  3. the biggest thing is stay low for a very, very long time. I lost my drone today due to being cocky. after 8-9 batteries i thought i could get altitude and "play". after a certain height the wind changed quads orientation and as I was trying to get it closer it was going farther until i couldnt see it. i turned off Tx thinking i might get lucky and find in general vicinity of last sighting. no such luck! i feel awful as I was so happy to have it and be learning to fly but now I'm discouraged and weary to replace. My dream was to fpv race in future but maybe I'm too stupid or old if i cant even los a Syma x5sw-v3


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