How To Fly a Drone For Beginners First Tip How To Use Trim Buttons With Eachine E58 Quadcopter


Before you can learn how to fly a drone as a beginner pilot you first need to master adjusting the trim buttons to correct the …


  1. Hi! I am following your videos for a while. They are very helpfull! I also have a E58 drone. It is making some strange movements from the beginning. Sometimes when I am flying like to the right side backwards it moves suddenly to the oppisite direction when I stopped touching the control. It seems like it wants to go back from its own…. Trim and reset function do not change anything. Do you have an idea how I can change that?

  2. Thanks for the video! The instruction manual that came with it was not written for beginners (or in English even though it is printed in English and a whole whack of languages).

  3. Hey, whenever I'm taking off my eachine e58 it is moving in left backward direction upward so please tell me that which trim buttons should I press to take off it directly in upward direction or in forward direction

  4. Hey there! Just a noob question:
    Do you need to calibrate every time you turn it on or it sets also for the next time you fly it?

    Btw just received mine and I'm practicing with it! Good recommendation!!

  5. nice video..
    and the eachine e58 i ordered arrived..
    first flight, it was just in the air and one propellor flew away, and the drone crashed and it's broken..


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