How to fly a Drone – A to Z Beginners Course


Drone Camps RC class on how to Fly a drone line of sight (LOS). Step by step from the bench to the flying field. Justin Davis walks you through your first take off, …


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  2. It's a beautiful video, but I really could not understand from it precisely HOW to use the controls to hold a hover. Every time mine takes off, it zooms as far away from me as it can, until it crashes into something. Like a two year old in a supermarket. Is it my Syma, or is it me? Please show us sometime what you do with your controls to achieve the hover.

  3. Great with a thorough explanation! It is important with a good introduction to get the best out of your drone! We will get so much more out of the technology if you are confident flying it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I'm new to drone flying. Mine has gone missing a few times already, I've managed to retrieve it though.
    I got the revell demon for ยฃ60 from Argos and the instruction manual makes little to no sense, if anyone makes a video on how to use it, I'd be eternally grateful

  5. Thanks for your excellent video,after a car but me 9hrs ago leaving me disabled,(twisted mix spine,neck,pelvis,arms in steel frames,chunk of leg missing,skull dented,bruised & slight damaged brain,learning to try walking but now mobility scooter,blackouts,now worsening short term memory loss,hands open of there own accord,2 strokes since,heart & carotid artery surgery with heart implant device,nurses twice daily & tons of meds,insomnia & chronic pain 24/7 !!) Apart from that I'm fine,but up until your video,I'd smashed/crashed 2 other drones as my now lack of concentration & coordination & extremely fast forgetfulness,but now it's a much easier hobby to do now due to your particular instructions,my new drone is STILL in one piece,so thanks to you for all the help on your A – Z Video.
    All the best,Phil

  6. is it necessary to use a smart phone or could i just use my controller instead i have a WiFi drone put haven't got my smart phone yet can i just use my controller ?

  7. You described a couple of the problems I've had. Wind and getting too far away. Actually the wind got me too far away before I realized there was going to be a problem. Drone was getting to be just a speck so I shut it off and let it fall. Then I had to go knock on a door and say "scuse me, my little drone crashed in your back yard, can I go back there and get it?". Lady was looking at me like she was wondering if I was an ax murderer or just an idiot, but she let me go get it. Lol, live and learn..


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