How to fix a Micro Drone that doesnt fly EASY FIX!


Heres a neat Micro RC Drone i bought in the clearance section on boxing day it was broken so heres how i made it work If your spins but will not lift off ground …


  1. yesss!!! thaank you so much!!! i got this drone for christmas and practiced and used it all day until i smashed it into the wall…. and ive been guttered since but after this video i did what you said and it works!!!! woooohhhooooo!!!!

  2. Hey i have a problem with my drone and basically what is going on with it is that it stays in place blowing a bunch of air downwards and it will not go up. I tried ur method and it didnt work for me unfortunately. Ive had to buy 2 of them and ive had the same problem. Please help me out.


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