How to Fix a Drone that Won’t Fly Broken Props Install Wrong and Wifi Interference Can’t Takeoff


The tiny micro quad-copter drone CX-10 won’t take off if your blades/props are placed on the wrong motors. Review the video to see how the rotor blades should …


  1. So, I recently bought a fpv drone from a nearby flee market, when I looked inside, everything but the micro sd was inside, so I thought "Probably the most complete thing ever found in a flee market", and all the props don't look messed up. I charged the battery up, plugged it in the drone, turned on the controller, put the drone on a flat surface, paired it, checked the camera to see if it works, the camera is still in great condition, but when I tried to put some throttle, NOTHING HAPPENED, but the WIFI didn't seem to affect the motors, any help???

    Model: FOCUS

    Manufacturer: LiteHawk

    Controller: 2.4GHz

  2. Thx so much I couldn't figure out why every time I tried to fly it it would shoot off in one direction at first I thought it was the motor so I looked up how to fix it your video popped up so I clicked on it repositioned the blades and it flew perfectly thx so much I thought it was done for and was gonna just throw it away


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