How To Find Your Crashed / Lost DJI Spark Drone with Flight List / Logs — PJPM 2017-06-30


I lost/crashed my DJI Spark Drone, Ooooops!!! (Drone n00b). But, I found it… here’s how! * * Patrons like yourself will make PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moments able to continue on. If you…


  1. Just to let u know there is an easier way to find lost spark go into app click find my drone when the map pops up touch the red triangle on map down at bottom of your screen a couple things will pop up one says make esc's beep and make lites blink click on esc and they will beep when lost in weeds you can hear it or at nite make the lites beep try it and make a video of it

  2. Another example of an annoying Spark drone video. I cannot stand it. Yes there are helpful tidbits in it but there is too much "noise", unnecessary talk. If I was you across from you at the table talking, yes I would have enjoyed your antics but I don't want to waste viewing time on it. No, not for a video 🙁

  3. This video is not for the impatient person who just wants the facts wrapped in a nice little story. His stream of consciousness narrative had me wishing he would just crash and end my pain. Other than that, great video.

  4. Hey I know your video is more than 6 month old but I just came across it, laughted so hard! You did a good job giving some back ground and working through the process of recovering your drone. I just bought mine and got it into the air a few weeks ago.. Your vid/info will be very useful to me should I have the same misfortune which is probably just a matter of time. Glad to know there's hope in recovering it. Regards from South Dakota.

  5. the phone did store videos, click on the thumbnails an see their preview in your log little homie!

    also they are stored on the DJI go app, use an older version of itunes and you can access them, other wise you jst use the dji go app for cerate a auto-video segment from previous shoots at low res free style with music, they are there!

  6. I'm so glad I found your vid… My Spark arrives shortly but while waiting I've seen loads of videos of people losing their drones (due to either malfunction or just poor piloting) and was starting to regret my purchase. Not any more though, thanks for the vid!

  7. If you go to the FIND MY DRONE function.. Click on the aircraft on the map, and you can turn the ESC Beeping on.
    You can also turn the aircraft LED on to get a visual if in case you are searching for your drone at night.

  8. Great video you can also go into the DJI GO 4 and DJI GO app tap the three lines at the top and you can see the drone's location and you make the drone make sounds and beep. Also what app do you use for live streaming you devices on youtube. Good Job!

  9. If you just climbed up a bit you would of avoided hitting the trees easily (you likely know this) – but great info for anyone who has lost their Spark

  10. for some reason i dont have the flying record but i got a few seconds of the landing record. find my drone show it's on top of a second story building.

    i flew another drone ontop of the second story building but still dont see my lost spark.


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