How to Edit Drone Footage | A Beginner’s Guide | The Basics


Do you have several gigabytes of drone footage, but no idea how to edit them into something cool? This is a complete beginners guide on how to do some of the …


  1. I loved the video content but found the white writing on a black background very very hard to read. Is there any way to invert your Adobe Premier Pro to show black writing on a white background in future videos?

  2. I am swimming with sharks here lol, My first flight and ensuing video sucked. Used the DJI GO4 to create a video on my cell phone…OMG..So now I know the DJI software is useless furthermore cant be used on a PC…Second flight, a little better but Microsoft Photos high jacked my raw footage, and could not be found to import into Windows Movie maker 2.6. (which dont work with DJI. mystery file extension)…Onward I march, and have learned so much from this tutorial..thank you. signed, a dickheadwithadrone….

  3. I definitely have a lot of footage of flying around here in New York City but a lot of shots are shaking and fast movement I'm still learning but thanks for the heads-up about editing I am definitely interested and sharing my videos and it would be great if you can show more on how to do

  4. Just wondering if you could outline the specs on the PC you were using. I am getting some lagging on my laptop and suspect my RAM and graphics card are struggling with the file sizes. Many thanks, your videos are excellent.

  5. Why did you not use something like HitFilm Express or Davinci that is free? Most people, like myself, who are not professionally engaged cannot afford Adobe products. So really you will have been of great assistance by using free or low cost products instead of expensive software like Adobe. Redo this in HitFilm Express or Davinci and thus be more helpful.

  6. Inked your video, but had a hard time following where you were clicking the curser. Maybe highlight the location of where you are placing the curser. It's easy when you know where every button is like you do, but us beginners can't follow that fast.

  7. This is unquestionably the worst instructional video I have ever seen. You gave no instruction about how to to do anything you did. How to import a video and where; how to to import a sequence depending on start or end… this was bullshit, I canโ€™t believe how bad this was.

  8. Thanks for doing this, I am working on doing some videos and the timing was great. I would be more than interested in seeing more. This community is great seems like someone is always doing or has done what I need.

  9. LOVED this type video. Virgin editor here, but need direction for starting out with Premier. I like transitions, like fading in/out between scenes, but I need to get the basics first. Do you have an online friend who does just tutorials on editing? I mean I loved yours, but when will be get another ?!?!? ๐Ÿ™‚ Many thanks man

  10. Thank you for that video, Iโ€™m so new at editing that it can be very confusing and really appreciate the time you have spent on this topic. So many people that say editing for beginners but forget that there are truly real beginners still out there. Hope to see more videos on this.

  11. Blackmagic Designโ€™s DaVinci Resolve is completely free and is a full blown non linear editor with built in colour correction and grading facility as well as Fairlight audio package and Fusion special effects. There are masses of video tuitions on YouTube to take you fro:beginner to expert. Resolve handles DLog footage with DJIโ€™s own LUT.

  12. Again Ross this video is a real value for anyone interested to step forward in aerial footage editing, Itโ€™s now time to take serious knowledge because with some arrangement drone footage presentation from your vacation or outdoor activity can be very interesting for your family and friends reunion.

  13. Great video, I have been looking forward to you doing this. Gotta say it looks bloody confusing at first watch. I will try it again in front of my laptop, Iโ€™m using an ipad mostly, keep them coming though. I reckon Iโ€™ll get it eventually cheers Russ.

  14. I will get this as you recommend and practice, your videos are informative and well done. I just might have questions. Been an rc flier for years and years (lol) but new to drones and they have me hooked!!


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