How to Edit/Color DJI Mavic Drone Footage (Walkthrough)


Learn how to edit your DJI Mavic drone footage and color grade your project in this video walkthrough by Leighton Milne. For this tutorial, Leighton is using …


  1. It’d be nice if there were videos on how to do this for idiots like me. How do I get the footage onto the computer? Do I have to get an SD USB adapter? Can I download it? Is it stored in the app?

    Starting from step 1 would be immensely helpful, though this is no one’s fault but Dji’s as they don’t cover this in the manual. I’m still yet to find a video explaining step by step what to do from landing to beginning to edit.

  2. really helpful but you guys always forget that your audience is from all over the world and you should slow down when you talk. a machine gun talk is too difficoult to get right away and people have to roll back the video many times in order to pick up words. hope u dont mind me telling you….


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