How to Correctly Use Ground Control Points in Drone Surveying and Mapping


Our caller for today, Mark has a great question about setting up GCP’s. Mark is wondering if he can reuse known ground control points for drone surveying.


  1. Please do yourself a favour and skip to 8:30min, anything pre that is pointless to the title of the video. I truly love these guys and the podcast but it has been getting out of control of late.

  2. Orthorectifed just means the distortion was taken out of the image, the image has a constant scale. It is not defined as rectifying your map to the curvature of the earth, lol! Google Earth needs to do that somehow, but that’s not what we’re talking about. In fact, an orthorectified image is planimetric, it is two dimensional. Georectified just means the ortho image is tied to some sort of coordinate system on the planet.

  3. I appreciate your podcasts and understand your thoughts on membership and success. Your pricing is great for enterprise customers or an established business. For someone without a regular customer base though, it may seem to be a little pricey. Not a complaint, just another datapoint for you.


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