How to Color Grade in Final Cut Pro X – Drone Footage Tutorial


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  1. First of all very well done and explained tutorial! As second point, I think that what you explained here is what is known as "color correction" and not "color grading". After color grading it's possible to add another color effect in order to proceed to "grading" (which means adding any special color "mood" to the footage). Tell me if I am wrong…

  2. Great video, I have been using FCPX 10.2 & resisted upgrading, thanks to you I am now upgrading as I type, any of the new features would be a help being as all of the tools have moved…thanks again.

  3. Hi! Great Video! I am currently trying to Color grade some video I took on my Phantom 3 in DLOG and I'm running into some issues. I have a two videos in particular, one being a sunrise video and the other being a sunset video. I went through those and cut and edited the videos and arranged them into a good arrangement and now if I am to color grade it, do I color grade the whole thing as one or each individual clip? Im finding in those that some clips are brighter or darker depending on when in the stages of sunset/sunrise they were taken. How do you go about compensating for that? I dont want it to be this dramatic change from clip to clip as the video plays but rather a uniform color grade.

  4. Thank you for your explanation. Wondering if you have any tips for correcting the colour for underwater clips – I am trying to work with some footage from diving with Bull Sharks in Fiji – my main issue is that video lighting was not allowable when filming the sharks – they will attack the light source. My depth is around 20 metres so not much natural light to work with so my footage is a bit flat looking. I know there is some detail in there that I need to bring out without making the video look unnatural. J

  5. Thanks for the video,
    I'm a total beginner at video editing. Just wondering if I have a video clip that's a few minutes long which includes take off and flying in different lighting conditions, how am I supposed to colour correct for each scene? It seems your video shows I can only do colour correcting for the whole clip?

  6. Very good vid, never really gave the colour board too much attention as I've always graded in DaVinci but this has shown me I can get a really good primary grade done in Final Cut, well done

  7. Thank you so much for this excellent video. It was clear and precise and showed exactly what to do in FCPX. Can't believe what a difference this short tutorial has made to my Drone footage. Have subscribed and look forward to viewing your other videos.

  8. Wow, this is the first color grading video that I as a beginner can understand. Great work! Could you please make more of these. I also have a drone and would like to learn more about FCP 10.3 and color grading.
    I've even subscribed to your channel. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  9. I was corrected by a video person who does color grading. This would be color correction, not color grading. Non the less, excellent info and well done. Thank you. Will speed up my color correction workflow too.

  10. It's almost not believable watching you unclick the color corrections that you added. It's funny how something looks so good at first and then after you tweak everything you look back at the original and wonder how you thought it looked anything beyond bland and dull. Amazing work and thanks for sharing


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