How to choose the right motor for your MINIQUAD or RACING DRONE


Short video guide explaining what motors are good for what miniquads and how you can use the numbers on the sides and the specs to choose the perfect …


  1. hey man i just made a phantom 1 electronics into a phantom 2 shell with new motor's same kv and so i soldered on the first motor which is the back left and then i plugged everythingโ€‹ im to test if it's spinning the right way and so then i soldered on the 2nd back right motor and also tested it then i just did the other 2 at same time and tested it and so i had to rotate the naza 180ยฐ so that the arrow will look forward and so when i put everything together and took of it just instafliped on me and i realised that the first 2 motor's i did are going into full throttle and that's what's making the flipover what do u think i should do some people told me that the drone needs to be fully calibrated with laptop do u think that will fix my problem what do u think? awesome video's btw i like yo drone collection (::

  2. I think the best motors for our hobby with have a 3:1 down to a 2:1 diameter to height ratio. MAYBE an extension to a 4:1 ratio, but, after that, absolutely nothing less or more. Examples of a 2:1 are the infamous 1407's that can run with a 5" racecraft 5038 twin blade at insane kv and power a 300 gram AUW 5" quad at a 12:1 thrust to weight ratio.

    A 3:1 would be your standard 1806's. And a 4:1 exactly would be like a 2005 or a 2406. I don't really think either exists.

    My fav would likely be a light weight, high power 4.5" quad {I've made another post about changing the quad sizes to be 0.5" less than the current ones, replacing most classes with better middle grounds and causing people to be more diverse} with a 1608 or an 1806. *click* noice.

  3. Hi, am Archit
    I want to make a hexachopter which flies – high altitudes, long distances and with good speed. Please suggest me the best specifications which i will need to fulfill the requirements.

  4. Great video Stu! Very practical content for those getting started (like me)… only thing I missed is brushed/brushless types which I do no think they are mentioned. I know brushless is the most common motor anyway but I came across 70/90mm frame quads using them. Anyway, thank you so much!

  5. hey Stu should I run 2205 2300kv on my falcon 180 with tri-blade 4045 dowlprop and what battery do you recommend? I was looking at a tattu 75c 4s can I run it on stock stuff? Or should I get some 1806 2600kv motors?

  6. Can you help us understand what to look for when choosing an esc to get the best performance from your quad, I have been having trouble getting good throttle from my builds and I am using good motors. I havr a kiss quad with awesome performance yet my other builds are very slow regardless of the PID setting.

  7. my zmr 250 just burnt one of the 12a simon k esc"s that the quad came with,,,im only running 3 s turnigy 45-90c 1300mah and i've got 6045 props and the 2204 2300kv ,will putting 20a escs fix my problem ,i've heard the 6 inch blades use alot of power so does my battery lol…will they need a change? … don't want to fry my new 20a as i don't know if they will be enough .this is my first quad so im confused at the moment


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