I get asked this a fair bit. “Stew which frame should I get?” This video aims to teach people what they need to know so they can choose the right frame for them.


  1. Do you still recommend 4" for first time builders vs. a 5"? I posted this question in the $200 get started racing video you recently posted, but maybe this is a better place to ask.

  2. could you please suggest a small quad for the house that would work with the $300 build from your video. I got the flysky and the upgraded Eachine goggles. Thanks!

  3. If you took the traditional style frame and shortened it just enough to fit the stack and the camera, then mounted the VTX vertically against the back like a backplate, I think THAT would be the perfect middle ground between the pod and traditional style frames.

  4. I use a 50cm x shape frame… 1000KV BLDC motor and 10*45 inch propellor but my quadcopter dosent fly. I also tried with 8*45 inch propellor, problem is same… what I should do to make it fly?

  5. Good stuff Stew! Would you consider doing a 'How to' on building a stable camera platform quad? I enjoy flying my micro fpv quads around, but at 61 yrs young I aint going to be winning any races and sometimes enjoy just floating around enjoying the scenery. Your recommendations on GPS/altitude hold modules, ways to increase flight longevity and such would be appreciated.

  6. As always great vid. I'm partial to the Armattan frames. I really like the Chameleon. I guess its more of a free style quad but fast and maneuverable to be a good racer. It alsoย seems very rugged.ย Do you have plansย  to build and or review one anytime soon?
    Thanks for your contribution to the hobby.

  7. Hello,

    I am going to attempt to build my first Quadcopter. I was want to build the 5 inch frame 210x but you did not leave a link below where to find these frames. Your videos are great keep up the good job thank you for all the info and insight into the drone racing community.


  8. Just from watching videos over the last few weeks I've noticed that some of the quads that seem to fly really well are the type that have the battery on the bottom (Diatone Crusader, Ragg E) and that just seems like a bad idea to me. Putting the battery on the bottom just seems like you're begging to kill it.

  9. Newbie drone pilot and builder here, my two cents: I've crashed a lot with my quad but it's never the arms that break. Instead the much thinner frame plates are taking damage and I've completely destroyed one frame so far (no damage to the arms but the 1,5mm top plate snapped). Thin frame plates with a lot of cutouts are especially prone to cracking at the points of weakness.

  10. Good information. Its comical hearing you discuss 3" build difficulty, I haveย built many PD-100 under a microscope. I think for my first personal quad I will go with the 3".

  11. I have sort of a long question….. I am building my own drone and I want it to be quick and still maneuver well, but I don't feel like the quads that look like alien ships can hold all of the things I want to put inside it. I plan on getting the 5 inch blade frame and I want to put a pretty big battery inside which means I will have powerful motors and a good camera ( not a go pro but a inside mount camera ). Which brings me to the question, do both types of frames allow adjustment for the camera so I can see where I'm going when the drone takes off and it is looking at the ground? Also can you tell me a frame that has the camera adjustment while able to run a good sized battery with powerful motors

  12. I want to build a drone I have never built one before I'm looking for a smallish frame so I can use it for having fun and flying it around but I want to be able to put a GoPro and a gimbal on it so I can get good Ariel footage I'm wondering if 5 or 6 inch props would do the trick

  13. What if you mounted the frame upside down with the motors only on top?Then you get bigger props on a smaller frame and dont need to think about electronics and standoffs getting in the way of the props.


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