How to Choose the right drone battery! C-Rating? Mah? Cells? All explained.


How to choose the right lipo/ battery for you fpv racing drone. Learn about C – rating, cell count, voltage and size/capacity/mah. After this you will be able to find …


  1. Hopefully this helps people with choosing the right battery for their fpv race drone and a special thanks to my patreon supporters. Also there are a bunch of links to batteries in the description if you just want some recommendations.

  2. Can you please tell me what replacement battery I need for a Vivitar 360 skyeye drone? I have been looking across all the internet options and I still came up empty. Obviously they exist because they come with the drone. But who makes them and where can I order a few of them?

  3. I hope you answer im interested in getting into hobby and i want to buy eachine wizard x220s and i was wondering can i use bigger mah battery on it to get longer flight time and do you have any suggestion for me as a beginner thanks!

  4. Hello sir, i have a drone using white plug battery, it spec are 3.7v 400 mah silver battery.. If i use a 3.7v 1.400 mah battery on my drone.. Would it be ok? Because 400mah doesn't have enough flight time to enjoy..

  5. I am going to get a Happymodel Mantis for my first drone. I see the battery is really bad and I am still not sure if i should get a high mAh 2s such as this 7.4v 5000mAh LiPo i found. Is it safe?

  6. hello I have a UPAIR ONE 4k plus and its battery does not last much longer than me lasted are 9 minutes recording from beginning to end, but they say that lasts 16 others than 18 some more than 20 but it lasted me only 9 minutes, You could tell me if there is any battery that I can put on and it lasts longer and does not affect anything in the electric drone, greetings.


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