How to buy a Drone?


Drones are the hot item, and choosing one is not very easy, so allow the experts to help you decide on what drone is best for you.


  1. The sad part is the RC people that helped make the Hobby what it is, and yes,the good part and the bad part of this hobby will be left out in the cold, after the FAA has their way with the new laws. They will make it so only the rich can pay for a license to fly. We where the R & D testers for the hobby. Now they will take that away from us. It is dumb to fly near a airport and the one's that do need to be held accountable. I see helicopters flying over my home under 400 feet a lot where I live, some are about tree top high, last summer they where so low they kicked up dirt in our yards. So there are good pilots in both fields. So hold the nut accountable and don't go after the good RC people.  But thank you for the up date.

  2. Thanks for the video.  Just one small comment.  Please try to use the proper terminology when talking about law, etc.  For example a federal "law" is a bill that is passed by the Congress and President.  A federal regulation would be an rule put out by the Executive Branch (e.g. FAA) that describes and codifies a law.  On occasion regulations may not conform to the spirit of the law.  In my humble opinion, the FAA is going beyond the scope of their authorization (law) when trying to regulate the small drones (e.g. Phantom) flying below/outside the NAS.  Unfortunately, these issues are often not settled until being handled in court (e.g. Pirker v Huerta).  


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