How to build the best drone ever do it yourself guide tutorial making a quadcopter overview part 1


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  1. I have a great idea…..Why not just talk and talk and talk without ever getting to the point and tell us over and over and over why you would not use the frame you used before and then you get the pleasure of watching everyone but the brain dead leaving your video early.
    Bye Bye.

  2. I made myself make my first drone for free. I allowed myself what ever I had laying about, but I could buy nothing. I used broken carbon fiber arrows and aluminum sheet. Works great. The electrics came from a crashed X16 Typhoon. It turned out a great idea because I crashed it today for the fifth time. And because it's made out of things I have it's fixed again already, and flies great again. No need to order parts.

  3. Great video. I especially like the math. I was seconds away from building a 450. I appreciate the video. I suggest adding a few commercials in your video to break it into sections.

  4. You shouldn't just say if you can't afford this and that because that will put people off. I have a dji550 with vector and an flysky fs/i6 and it fly great and with my 6dbi antenna I get so much more range. Don't be put off and use what you can afford and work up to the expensive stuff.

  5. This guy is so funny, like a comedy sketch character from the 90's. For his next video, "this is how you fly a drone" and then it takes off and hits him in the chin.

  6. Hey I see that all of the motors of your first quadcopters are same directional which means all prop adapters are for the same direction. I know that you can change the motor direction but can you please tell me what did you do to achieve a propeller to stay on the place and not fall off? Did you tighten adapter really hard? Did you buy 2 ccw adapters? or how? I really need to know this because I'm making my first quadcopter and I want to use 4 same motors. Thanks. And great video btw 🙂

  7. Great vid. I really appreciate the math; it is rarely mentioned as simply as you do, but quit fucking repeating so much. This is 2017 and we can replay a YouTube with only a push of a button.

  8. Can you suggest a smaller frame if someone is looking to build something half as large? There are very few places around here I can fly something that big which is why I'm just practicing with a x5c

  9. This is my favourite build video I've seen yet. I've been researching a build like this and you've got the majority of all the equipment I'm looking into with the exception of some new stuff.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Subscribed!


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