How to Build Best Budget Racing Drone 2017 // Waterproof Camera


How to build the best budget fpv racing or freestyle drone.. Will show you how to water proof it to be able to fly it in snow or rain. This is the best cheapest drone …


  1. I was thinking that Silicone confromal coating will work just as well instead of the hotglue. You should be able to paint it around the lens and it should make a silicone waterproof seal.

  2. Couple of tips…desolder pins from the back, use a solder plunger and/soldering wick to remove the solder…use a smaller tip when tinning and soldering those small pads…I would have just removed the board and used helping hands as well…great videos mate thanks for doing them!

  3. I can formal coat every camera I have and just put a piece of cellulose tape around the lens it will make it completely 100% waterproof. I live in Florida the front of my quad gets covered in water daily

  4. One of the biggest issues with flying in rain is getting water drops on the camera. You probably would be unable to fly due to water on the lens before the camera gets busted due to water.
    I'm really enjoying this build, good luck!


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