How to build a racing drone | Part 3: ESC Installation!


In this series we cover everything you need to know about building a racing drone! This video covers installing our ESCs to both the motors and PDB.


  1. i have dys xs30 oneshot42 that is wired power/ground to stock impulse alien pdb and i havent been running ground signal to omnibus f40 pro v3, vtx is tramp hv power/ground to pdb also and omnibus f4 is power/ground on pdb . I have had several esc fires and happens on 5s what could be causing this issue? could it be my build ? I have ordered spedix 30 dshot but if something i need to add or do to help please let me know

  2. Good video, but I don't understand why you take the signal wires off just to cut them and put them right back on. Why not just cut them while they're attached?

    (edit) Just saw the next video and you use the connectors on the signal wires instead of soldering them on.


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