HOW TO BUILD A RACING DRONE IN 30 MINS and $99 TYRO99 build guide uavfutures


How to build an fpv racing drone for $99 and 30 minutes makes the tyro99 one of the best beginners drone and easiest drones to build of 2018. Minimal …


  1. Hi everyone! I'm totally new to this. I'd like to know, which controller would you recommend for such drone? Since I am a beginner, I do not need something too fancy.
    Also, do I really need goggles? Could I simply use a controller which I could get connected to my phone?

  2. I put this together, but what about setting it up with my transmitter and with beta flight? I鈥檝e never done this before and I鈥檓 having issues with betaflight working with my transmitter. I鈥檝e binded successfully to my receiver, using spektrum for both, and need to set an arm switch but when I move any controls it doesn鈥檛 show anything moving in beta flight. I can tilt the drone and it鈥檒l move that way but not seeing anything from the transmitter to betaflight.

  3. I just bought this kit and noticed that the mini VTX doesn't fit into the flight controller. Do I need to get a different size connector? Same thing with the camera; what size would fit in the connector that came with the kit? Thanks!

  4. My 11yr old son had a parrot bebop with sky controller, but had nothing but problems, so we got a refund and used the money to buy the tyro 99 (on your recommendation). Your videos are fantastic, but in this one we are struggling to find which motor wire goes to which terminal? As I am letting my son do ALL the work on this complete build himself, without my assistance, I was hoping you'd be able to shed some light on it for me, thanks.

  5. Hi, doing the build and bought the RunCam camera upgrade you suggested – however it has 5 pins and the Tyro99 cable is only 3 pins. Also pins seem to be flatter on the runcam Swift than the more rounded Tyro99 supplied cam – what do i do ? How do i use the Swift ?

  6. Hi guys!
    I would like to get into the hobby and I think that this kit will be the best thing for me.
    But can anyone tell me what remote controller should I buy?
    And also, do I need to program the drone to actually fly? And if so, how can I do it?

  7. Really impressive quad. F4 board, 300g weight looks like it will rip. Im curious if anyone has done a speed test yet. For the value ($130 Canadian) I bet these will be a top seller.

  8. I live how simple this video makes the building of this racer. Very well done. Just found UAV Futures and love the videos so far! The Tyro99 seems like a really great system for a first time builder.


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