How to Build a Racing Drone // Full Build Tutorial // Hovership Zuul


Fully detailed build log of a Hovership Zuul Racehound. Parts List: Frame – Hovership Zuul Racehound 265mm Motors – Lumenier 2206/2350kv ESCs – DYS xm20A Flight Controller – Motolab Cyclone…


  1. Sorry to The poster of this video but this is very important and please do not take down my comment, thanks. In the Untied States you must have a Ham radio license to fly FPV. If you do not believe me here is the link I am putting this out there because if people Flying FPV in the US do not get licensed then eventually the US will ban FPV. So please if your going to fly FPV in the US get a Ham license.

  2. +nine I am brand new to the world of drone building. I was curious about what the need is of an FPV camera AND a GoPro? Would just having the FPV camera be fine? What would be the advantage of using both? Thank you very much.

  3. You don't need the locktite as long as you thoroughly check your craft after EVERY landing (forced, planned, or crashed)…. Other than that, great video, and very informative…. Thanks for uploading for us to view.

  4. Thank you for showing the initial battery connection with the light bulb harness its hard to tell otherwise and this saved my rig. I missed a short and the light came on bright as can be. Thanks

  5. i am curious on y u chose that flight controller and not the acro sp3 raci ngg f3 that it seems everyone is using. also for the pdb why u chose this one rather than the naze 32 which again seems like the one most builders on youtube go with. i am trying to build my first quad and ur video.

  6. hello in the process of building my own drone but have no idea what i need to do after i build it? do i need to tune it? if so how? do i need to calibrate it? no clue what needs to be done. would be awesome if someone could help me out

  7. Holy shit your perfectionist!! AND I LOVE IT!! There is way too many rushed, half ass builds in every hobby and its rare to see people to use time to do things properly, nice, neat and pretty. Thought gotta ask, why two cameras? Wont that bring more unneeded weight? Also how about building kind of spring type landing gear, cause that landing was kind rough?


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