How To Build A 3 inch Beast FPV drone 2017 // Geprc Sparrow, HGLRC XJB, Runcam Micro


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  1. Finally got my maiden in a few weeks ago and just got my dvr too mod my goggles. Just wondering what pids you used when you flew it. I'm on the stock tune at the moment but the quad feels loose and I'm not sure where to start on tuning this little thing. Sparrow frame hglrc f428 stack elf cam emax 1306 3300kv motors. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. did you have any vibration or twitching issues with the quad? I built a 3" with the same fc and esc stack and same motors with the same kv and they have crazy vibrations that are almost impossible for me to tune out.

  3. I built the same frame up with very similar componets and I broke am arm first crash. Damn shame cause it was a VERY light crash! I switched everything over to a Catalyst Machine works SL3. Hopefully it holds up better. I would live to hear if anyone else had any problems with the GEPRC SPARROW.

  4. I know I commented on this vid a month ago but thanks again for this vid! All my components are in and I'm beginning my build and using your vid to do it. Lol. Maiden vid to come in a week or so. Woo hoo.


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