How to build a 110MPH+ FPV Racing DRONE for UNDER $180 Full Build guide + Giveaway


Step by step guide showing you how to build a 115MPH+ racing drone for around $170. This build is SIMPLE, GOOD VALUE and most of all results in a crazy …


  1. Hello.
    I bought one of the cameras that you suggested in the description which was the Caddx Turbo S1. The camera, unfortunately, did not fit into the frame which made me unable to fly fpv on my first racing quad build.

  2. I got the matek VTX you recommended, but I have no idea how to solder it up. any help ?
    I tried the eachine vtx03, but 2 of them broke relatively soon so i'd like to try something more robust, like this matek. can anyone help ?

  3. Hey Stu – bought the blade torrent as my first drone – flew it and it was great. Then wanted something stronger after doing some sim / seeing some vids. Came across your original 99$ vids, then this 100mph one. After previewing the vids, as well as your part 2 about binding to controller/setting up betaflight, I decided to buy all the stuff. Never soldered in my life. My brothers and I did some sim and it took us a couple days to build it, but it's been a blast! Thanks! And any time something happens, the fix is a coupe minutes. These things are SUPER durable. Keep it up!

  4. Hey I just starting watching your channel and I really like what you do I have got tons of good info from you about these drones and I really want to get into this I have a few basic quadcopters but the reason I was commenting was to see what you thought about tricopters as fpv racers and wanted to know if you have reviewed any or if you recommend any

  5. I can't wait till pay day…I didn't think i'd like to fly or even build a drone but you got me wanting to do both!!!! I really wouldn't mind winning one…Lmao!!! I'll have to check about remotes to use cuz i'm confused about the remote controls….I want a 110MPH drone!!!! sniffle sniffle

  6. Please help! When i try to take off the quad spins out of control and the throttle wont respond anymore. It only happens when using the transmitter but not with the betaflight motor checking… I have everything tuned and set but it just doesnt work…

  7. Would let you know that I just ordered for 250€ in parts for my first drone! including all stuff I need to get into the air (lipo, charger, Radio etc.). Im very exited to put all together and do my first experience with my new badboy 😉 I used your 170$ ish tutorial to build a 100 km/h+ Drone! im Electrotechnican / IT Engineer so it can't be as hard. Maybe im Going to write/film my steps if someone interested in too. see ya! nice vids bro, ty for getting into this hobby 😉

  8. I still don't feel confident about building either model as you spoke to quickly and barely touched on several issues…If you'd slow it down, do only one model and go into detail regarding thing like how to tell what determined which contacts on the boards are the ground, positive, along with the rest etc I might give it a try…..hell I clicked on the link regarding buying the motors and there were 3 choices on speed, yet you didn't tell us which motor you put on the 4s…na ah…do it again and slow down and build only 1 model Please And do over again, and detail what part in the flying process each part plays..and I will give a run.


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