How to Build 100kmph FPV RACING DRONE – Full Video guide 5S DIY


Step by step guide to building an FPV racing drone that can easily exceed 100kmph. 5S build. I don’t recommend this build for most people. It has more power …


  1. Hi,
    Could you pls tell me what should I do? Should I build this drone or just buy the eachine x220? Which one is faster? And what transmitter do yo recommend? I would buy the Flysky FS-i6S. I really like that design. Thanks your answer in advance!:)

  2. i doubt the 0.8Ah battery can deliver enough power for fully taking advantage of the 5S. turnigy is lying a lot on their batteries.

    sound pitch on full throttle is about the same as on my 4s 2300kv zmr250 with the same 5045bn props, drawing about 80A on 100% @ all motors

    i got a turnigy 2200 4S 60C heavyduty in sept. 2016, IR measured about 7-8mR per cell, not quite 60C but "ok".
    i bought another one in Oct. and they refreshed this model with a new connector (XT60U instead of XT60), it was now almost double the IR (11-14mR per cell). Same goes for November. cant quite trust them anymore.

  3. I tried to solder together wires yesterday. It was pathetic. They wouldn't stick to each other. I ended up curling that shit up with my fingers and just hot glueing a heat shrink. 🙁 your skills make me jealous right now.

  4. Hey there! I would like to re-built this insane drone. But I would like to use 2350 kV Motors from Lumenier but the normal ESC. Is this going to work, of does it freak out? (I'm Kind of a biginner so I'm do Not have a lot of experience)

  5. thank you for the help. I recently bought a " Roosh 5L. But didn't know how to use the flight controller or receiver. I have built some large quads but never racing quad. thank you for the help and cant wait to fly my own!


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