How NOT to lose your drone – The ultimate guide for DJI Spark, Mavic Pro, and Phantom pilots


This is the ultimate guide on how to not lose your drone. Support our channel for free by shopping via our affiliate links. Doesn’t cost you anything and we get a …


  1. Thanks for the video!!!! dude, your awesome the part of i watched this one a few times and i did not ever think of establishing an alternative landing zone in an emergency situation!!!! Its like thinking like a pilot of a manned aircraft, it should be part of your pre-flight checklist. More videos like this please i am now a new subscriber take care!!!!

  2. Hi I’m from UK and three days ago I lost my drone it was at maximum flight altitude compass error cane up I m u came up weak g p s timeout I lost Connection my-drone only shows in find my drone the exact location where I lost signal it flashes green around it

  3. it is always a good idea to write your phone number on the body of the drone in case someone else finds it. Good job explaining the spark , i am a new dron pilot and i have learnt a lot from your videos.

  4. Good video.
    This thing with Atti Mode can be a real killer if you are inexperienced, and panicky, with drones, which is why I would suggest that ALL new pilots start out with cheap, fully manual drones.
    My Phantom 3 frequently reverts to Atti Mode, no matter how and where I fly it, so those manual drone skills come in handy, when keeping these beasties in the air 🙂 .

  5. Hi, Great Video and I wished I had watched it sooner before I became "That Guy" You said you like to analyze people flight logs to determine the cause of a crash. I lost mine after the home point reset by itself in midflight. DJI is giving me the run around and I'd love to have someone independent look at the logs. Anyway to send them to you? Thanks and keep the videos coming.

  6. Ya won't lose your fcking drone unless taking precaution on making a GPS lock first before flying it, and for god sake if ya will fly it higher than normal buy the frickin controller…

  7. I have had 3 flyaways….no video feed ….in a place i flew many times….i put it in sports but holding down the RTH saved me twice but the last one went bananas i fought with it in the air in sports mode it went in to atti mid flight and crashed into a building of a shopping center…i went to the store and got access to the roof with security and got my drone back which was trapped in the wall hording…what luck. so what was the problem ….in that area there were high cross winds and interference i suspect, i think the main problem was the App i used was a mod 4.19 to get the otg cable working and it may have just lost connection. Who knows i will check the data..the spark lives on i have over 15hrs fly time lv19 …79,150m total distance and been over 900m in south america …i did not loose control the drone lost control. Now the latest dji go app the otg cable works so no need for mods. STAY CALM DONT PANIC RTH AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT SWITCH TO SPORTS AND TAKE CONTROL, TURN AROUND IN A 360 TO PICK UP SIGNAL AGAIN IF YOU CAN SEE IT ON YOUR MAP YOU CAN BRING IT HOME RTH

  8. Great info I’m not that guy I payed to much for the spark i’ve been practicing every other day makes me nervous to fly that high altitude or too far away but all your information is very helpful thank you.

  9. i frequently get into atti mode then i click return to home and the quad comes – once i had a black screen on the spark and then had to click return to home luckily it came back

  10. I have a unrelated question regarding settings. I'm wanting to fly my spark off of my boat while moving slow. If i remember correctly there is a setting if you lose signal the spark will hover and NOT return to home so at that point I can get within range and take control again rather than it go back to where i took off and land in the water. If others have suggestions or tips on flying that way i would love to hear them. Also i should mention that i have the float kit as a extra layer of protection. Not planning on landing on the water thought. Thanks for your time.

  11. So, how about ‘flight training’? I fly RC helicopters. We practice hovering (drone does this by itself), nose in hovering, nose in circles around you, constant diameter, slow controlled figure 8’s, nose in and pointed away from you – and a lot more. What do you suggest for drone flight training? Perhaps beginner, advanced, and Master?


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