How NOT To Fly A Drone


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  1. jake you need to swipe across to the drone you have the phantom 3 and you are trying to connect to the inspire 1
    also you need to go to the dropdown bar on the phantom and select "phantom 3"

  2. In the future you should consider getting a JK 4dr so you can have a better, organize, living, space environment to live and travel. btw, do you have an update from the roofrack company?

  3. You have to select the "phantom standard" on the DJI app instead of the aspire raw. Also you actually need to turn the drone "on "you only clicked it once! You need to click once and then click again but hold the click for about 4 seconds.

  4. I had a minor sippy cup moment with my Phantom 4 last night. Decided I'd go out and fly a little before it got dark and as soon as I turned it on, I was told I had to update the firmware (again!). Went back in the house to get faster wi-fi and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't update. Duh! I had turned off the drone's battery. By the time all that updated I only had time for a 10 minute flight before it was too dark. Have fun with the P3S. Looking forward to seeing all you do with it.


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