Crazy fast and also cheap? diatone worked with EACHINE and TBS on the eachine 349 and its a rocket. – link You can also directly help …


  1. Really like this quad on paper. I just watched a handful of reviews and dont think I would like the 1.5 minutes of flight time..
    My camera has done that as well, mid air power loss and cartwheels, unplug and all is good. Not sure??? Also Mamba stack, hum?
    We too (Ohio, USA) have had more rain and setting water than any time in recorded history… Freaky sh.. man…

  2. Just an educated guess, but it looked like a brown out and 5v reg didn't recover till power was cycled. Possibly shoddy pack or poor current management on the FC. I'd be very skeptical of this model.

  3. I've had that camera problem before. It generally comes when you brown out the camera. It's easy to test, hook it up to a bench supply, bring down the voltage, and it will happen.

  4. I own the larger diatone branded 5 inch version of this and I've seen that strange camera purpleness on the right side several times also. Once from running a pack way too low, I noticed it. The other times have just been when I first plugged in the battery and looked in the goggles, you see the clouds don't look right. Re-plugging it fixed it. Never seen it happen mid flip like that! Interesting to see it appeared to reboot also on your video.

  5. Hi I bought a snapper 7 and it advised to buy the FlySky 16is , I cant get it to fly it keeps telling my battery is not charged in the RX so so I want a drone to match my FlySky so I don't waste even more money, My question will the TBS + Diatone will work with the TBS ? great video as always

  6. Not sure on all the hate eachine gets,
    I get some of their stuff is crap, but when they get it right, it's great, (see the ev200 goggles and trashcan)

    But I think the point of eachine is to get people into the the hobby without breaking the bank, and giving a decent price to performance ratio for their better gear.

  7. When you crashed you were abducted by aliens, but they didn't get the color displayed by the camera correct, so when you unplugged, they corrected it. These things happen sometimes when time is short.

  8. Nice review, but I worry Diatone et al will mess up what is a near perfect R349 quad. Good spec and tune, fast, awesome Mamba motors and FPV camera. All it really needed was a better VTX and VTX antenna.


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