HOW GOOD IS A $168 BUILD?? // The Best Budget FPV Racing Drone 2018 Maiden


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  1. Great vid and build. Wish you could keep the language cleaner though… I know it’s a pain, but my son who is 8 also watches your vids on my iPad.. I’ll need to unsubscribe if the language is not kid friendly.

  2. I have liked that frame ever since I seen the Trans Tech Frog on UAV FEATURES and it hit 104mph but that's a BNF and it's a little speed Demon. Great build, Great Video thanks for the information on the Frog. JohnnyDRC

  3. It is very satisfying to see that it performs great in practice!

    I know you are probably tired of this question but: any chance you'll review the Samguk motors at some point? Many people are very pleased with them, others say that if you buy 4 and you get 2 working you are lucky…

  4. $170 isn't budget at all. That's like a mid range racing quad which should be quite good. A budget quad would be $80 to $120. Like the bright 210 which is a great budget quad. Unlike that one. This one is a super awesome mid range quad! great video anyways.


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