How do Youtubers afford to buy so much tech ?


It seems like every Youtuber is getting the latest and greatest tech. How do they afford to do so? I break down some of the ways in this video today. Hope you …


  1. The GRIND!!! Dude I went full time content creation last month. The way I am making $$ is by content creation on LinkedIn building an audience, and working with brands to do sponsored content or content for their own channels. Kinda like a digital marketing agency.

  2. You're the most transparent youtuber i know! You even show us your earnings which no other youtuber does. Subscribed dude for your honesty and good videos! p.s im also into the apple ecosystem just like you!

  3. Thank you Jeremy for your honesty on this video, I agree with , when you buy your own product, you don't have that pressure to lie about that product,

  4. This is great content! I agree on not always trying to get the latest and greatest to keep up with other YouTubers. I am just starting a channel and I plan on purchasing tech and other things that really interests me or things that I want to give a try. If I tried to keep up with everyone else I would be in debt very quickly.

  5. Some companies send products for free. If they dont, then they become tax write off if you buy them. Plus once you get the videos done right 1million views make you 3k-4k month if your watch time gets higher and subs. Your gear and computer better be written off man!

  6. This is the problem people face in pretty much every social media. They see the BEST of the BEST stuff done by other people and this makes one feel that everyone is having an awesome time and everyone is rich and successful.

    This makes many people depressed about their own life, especially teenagers. They see all their friends are on vacations or having nice time all the time. They see all their favorite youtubers are rich and have all the cool tech thus making them feel that they need all of these to be happy.

    People need to realize that not everyone who start a channel have all these stuff. I don't. All I have is a mid range laptop and internet. My voice is not even good, so I have to hire someone for giving voice to my videos.

    If you go through your facebook or instagram or snapchat, it would make you will see nice and happy photos posted by pretty much everyone, but that doesnt mean everyone is having fun all the time. Instead, what is happening is that you are seeing few seconds of the best of what hundreds of people have done.

    Thanks for making this video!

  7. Good stuff. Love the honesty. Just don't end up being one of those fake "reviewers" who praise every product a company sends them. Keep the reviews real vs being reduced to being an informercial. Just look at all the "tech" reviewers who suddenly slap D-Brand skins on everything, then a couple of videos later….those same skins are gone. It's all about the $. Keep it real…you're doing an awesome job!

  8. I have a friend that thought youtubers earn money only up to 24h after the video was uploaded, with this vid i can prove he's wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have to say, having a YouTuber being transparent with how they purchase their equipment. I'm just starting out in the tech youtuber space, and this is something that I constantly wonder how I'm gonna purchase my equipment for my channel, so its nice to see that some people are willing to share how they do it

  10. Yea, I totally agree with what you are saying in this video. I just recently sold a lot of my stuff on eBay such as my iPad Pro and a telephoto lens for my Sony camera just because I donโ€™t really use it or need it.


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