Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone 1080p HD 5G WiFi Camera GPS RC Quadcopter


Check it out here!!! Features are : brushless 2204 1500kv motors, GPS Assisted Flight, RTH, FAILSAFE RTH, LOW VOLTAGE RTH, …


  1. I did have a โ€˜fly awayโ€™ with this drone last week when the return to home button failed and flew off in the other direction and never came back. But fair play to Holy Stone. They replaced the drone within a week after speaking with their customer service team. Just be careful where you are flying the drone. It works best in open space and always make sure you recalibrate the gyro after each flight!

  2. Hey great video! Just wondering how you accessed your photos and videos. When i click on my photo icon the screen just shows black. Also, I have a micro sd card in the camera but i have nothing to plug it in to. Is there any other way I can get these photos and videos directly onto my phone? A different app? Thanks!

  3. Hi, great drone review! I just bought the HS700 as a Xmas gift for my brother based on your review. I have a couple questions though. First, do you know if a gimbal can be added to this drone? Second question is about the auto-return functions. My brother will use this while boating. So the Follow Me function will get used a lot as he boats around taking video, etc. But since his starting points will be different due to moving in the boat, do you know if the return home function will work so that it will return to his cell phone location and not the location where he would have originally launched the drone from? Thanks again, great comprehensive review.

  4. Great video… I'm actually buying one…I don't understand all the comments about being overpriced though..299 on Amazon prime.. I was wondering you didn't show the feature where you can draw a course on the map… did you test that feature? Because that's the main reason I'm buying it. And the only other drone that offers that are around 1000 dollars

  5. Hey RC Escape, do they make a gimbal for this with anti-shake?
    I'm looking for one for shooting short films but having a real difficult time finding the anti-shake gimbal for the HS700 and the 5K camera.
    Any ideas? Thank you and loved the video/tutorial.

  6. is it going to instruct me step by step to calibrate & such.? Because I wont have time to refer to this video or read to remember everything from the manual. Im charging up right now for my first time EVER using a drone.
    This video was wonderful ! thank you!

  7. Just got mine. Thanks for the great review. I learned everything I needed to from your great demo. I paid 280 on sale at Amazon which I think is a great price for all these features and the drone is VERY durable and forgiving to fly. Just subscribed maybe you could check out my channel and give me a sub too. Thanks, Greg


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