Holy Stone HS200W FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera


This is a short product description and overview of the Holy Stone HS200W FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera. This product can be found in the following link:


  1. Pretty good drone. Flies pretty good for a noob right out of the box. Love the hover hold and the auto takeoff and land. Just don't calibrate this thing anywhere else but flat ground. Learned that one quick. Zipped off sideways and I had to drop it pretty quick. It's tough, though. The blade guards are pretty sturdy.

  2. I'm using an Android version of the app and did the same steps as you. I can't seem to connect at all. it just says saved and not connected when I pair. yes the controller is not present or on during the pairing. any clue what is happening?

  3. Mine just goes strait up until it hits something. The return home and landing button have no effect . Even if I try to go down it will proceed to go up.HELP , is mine defective

  4. Does your phone have a smart network switch setting which will turn your wifi off to get internet over 4g if the wifi connection does not give you internet? Just a thought. Maybe that setting got turned on and may need to be turned off for the Holy Stone wifi to work.


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