Holy Stone F181C – Camera Drone – TheRcSaylors


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  1. I'm a huge holy stone drone fan , I have the hs200 and it handles alot better then that and it has all the same fuctions minus the brushless motors , don't get me wrong it's a good drone just can't fly it in the slightest wind , you both are amazing and I'm glad to have subscribed to you thanks so much for sharing this video.

  2. Nate & Abby , check out the Hawk Eye Fire Fly Micro Cam to put on Quads that have bad cameras. 1080P ,CHEAP , AN VERY LIGHT. Not bad 4 the $$$$$. Audio well not so good, does not sync with video.

  3. hi rc saylors im a 12y old kid i was hoping you guys a hoodies that would be a good idea i personaly also fly drones even though im 12 hope you guys thougt that is a great idea keep up the drone videos

  4. I got this drone last summer. Thinking it would be good to learn to fly. I took it out all the time. I still have it and it still works.You guys are the ones that me going with all this.ย I have Xiro Xplorerย  after seeing it here. I have the Spark and Mavic Pro and doingย race drones as well.ย And you have me you tubing as well "what dugan thinks" So you guys are a big partย of my life! Thanks


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