HJ 993 Drone Best Beginners Nano Quadcopter


This $14.97 nano quadcopter is one of the best for beginner fliers to learn on. It’s a very stable flier, easy to hover, with none of the “twitchiness” seen in similar …


  1. I've got a cx 10 and no I can't do hands off with it.lol It would be bouncing off the ceiling or the floor,because the throttle takes constant input and I mean constant…lol Thanks for the review. Great video as always.

  2. Hello quadcopter 101 I have had a syma x5c-1 Quadcopter for about 6 months and have flew about 20-30 hours indoor on it what would your recommendation be for my next drone? I am not looking for something super expensive. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

  3. Love your vids mate, you're a great flyer and teacher. I'm a nubie to quads and ordered an hj 993 last week but some people have told me nanos are the hardest to learn on. A suggestion was that the SymaX4 may be better choice. I'd love to hear your opinion as I regard it very highly. Regards from Australia. .keep up the great work!

  4. How do I calibrate the gyros on the HJ993? I tried to do like stated in the manual. After binding I put the left stick to the down left corner and the right stick to the upper left corner. This does not work? Please help

  5. Hi ! I really need your help. One of the motors continues spinning like crazy and now it is very very hot and doesn't work as it should. I don't know what's happening and i would ask you if you'veencountered this problem and if there's any motor replacement for this lil drone. Thanks !

  6. At four month's in? I realize I am not a beginner, SUCKY PILOT YES! begin-er NO.
    NANO QUAD'S? nothing smaller than the x11 from now on.. I hate replacing those little motors. for some shit that I cant maneuver in the first place!

  7. Hey Q. would the cx10  motor''s work as replacements for this? And have you thought about making a conversion chart, so we could have a refrence to look up what quad motors or blade's are compatible with other quad's, transmitter's and the like?


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