Highest Train Bridge by Drone – KEN HERON (High Bridge, Kentucky)


“High Bridge” is the highest railroad bridge in the United States that’s over a navigable stream. (308 Feet) Ken takes you on an aerial tour of the bridge and was …


  1. Great video as always Ken, I love trains. Just to let you know I will be seeing your buddy Dana in concert this Friday at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania. I'll be sporting your Buh & Bye shirt that I bought from you a few weeks back.

  2. Ken, beautiful video of the bridge. So crisp and clear. I also appreciate the educational aspect of this. Was interesting to know the historical facts of the bridge. I also love your angles and over heads of the train as it passed as well as the reverse. Excellent editing and superb camera work. You should do more vids like that. Fascinating work.

  3. Ken…you are one awesome pilot my friend…I have been trying to capture a train but couldn't find one….I see on a track or a bridge is a good place to look………..LOL…had ya worried about my sanity eh? great video as always and may God bless 🙂

  4. Ken, yet another great video! Would the same train be so spectacular had it have been filmed by a static camera by the rail track? Of course not! Getting videos such as this from vantage points over and around the train while its on the bridge is only possible using a high quality drone and an even higher quality drone pilot! 🙂

    Good luck finding more women who will call you Kenny!

  5. HEY KEN !!! I have a question. If I buy a preowned phantom 3 from someone would I have to re-register it with the FAA? And if so what I be able to with the drone already registered under someone else?


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