High Great Mark Drone Review (Part 2) – App Tour & Indoor Flight Test


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  1. A few things for buyers: my Mark drone was shipped to me with an RC controller that DOES NOT WORK. I am aware of the "5g" only limitation (another caveat that the makers did not mention or warn about) and literally nothing I try has made the RC work with the drone. It's garbage. I am ALSO using a Samsung 8 and using an RC is a lost cause.

    When you say in your video that the Mark may be misconfigured for certain users and your addendum is "I hope the makers will comment," this is not realistic. The makers LIED to us about MANY things, and the email exchanges I have with them are a nightmare of poorly translated evasions by a company that NO ONE should trust.

    Flight mode works well for in or outdoor and the drone flies, but its not a good drone and the camera has zero tilt. It's a toy at best.

    The drone itself flies in the FlightGO app at a snail's pace, so let's hope you're flying your drone ONLY indoors (who the hell does that?) If you want it to not fly away and wreck itself on a neighbor's roof.

  2. Awesome video. I'm thinking of buying this one for real estate photography. Where I only need a few photos and a few minutes of video. Could you upload some images for us to check out the quality? Thank you so much! Subbed.

  3. Thanks very much for these videos. I'm a backer and have been dismayed with HG's lack of savvy in engaging with consumers via KS. It's been a ridiculous nightmare as you've alluded to and frankly I hope they learn from it. So far, from their comments in KS, they don't appear to think they've done anything wrong which is an incredible misunderstanding/misread of the situation and I believe could be damaging to their brand. Having said that your indoor test is very impressive. I look forward to your outdoor test video, hopefully a counterpoint to Danny's experience (who I also greatly appreciate for his efforts and comms in KS). Cheers.

  4. Planning to buy my first drone. Was thinking about dobby and DJI spark. Must say now I started to think about Mark also. Really waiting for the outside footage review! What do You think dobby, spark or mark?

  5. This company has completely sh*t on all of its kickstarter backers.

    Go to the page and see, everyone.

    Paid $239 plus, and for what?

    These assholes are selling their products on Amazon but we get radio silence, broken promises regarding VIO capability, rumors of connection issues, and, oh yeah, NO PRODUCT for our money?

    Who are these people and why can't we get them to respond?

  6. Excellent! I assume that you're able to store the programmed routes. Then, at some other time, (days, weeks, etc), you can place the drone in the room where one or more programs began and select from a saved list, the program route you want it to 're-execute'. Of course, it would require that you're in the same building that the program was initial created in.,

    As long as there are no obstacles in it's originally programmed path, it should fly it without a problem, even if the furniture is rearranged, right? Frankly, I doubt that it can do that because it would require a lot of memory capacity, perhaps even more than what it uses to save a 1080P video.

    One does have to ask themselves, what the practical use of this drone would be other than a $230.00 party favor. I can see some use behind pre-programming an outdoor flight so that it can then fly the program at a later time. One might do that in order to maybe capture a subject for their video that hasn't yet arrived at the programmed destination, (if that made any sense).

    However, even that wouldn't really be the best way to achieve the goal. I have a drone that accepts Waypoints and like many other GPS drones, I can program the waypoints w/o first flying the route and then send it on its way. Perhaps High Great should consider adding a GPS board to their drone.

    That would offer the advantages of outdoor drones, and if the user was in the VIO mode and lost the drone because of a 'featureless landscape', the drone's fail-safe would flip to GPS and RTH back to the pilot. Of course, this would easily add another $100.00 or more to the cost of the drone and because the additional weight would be a factor, they may even have to change the motors to a more powerful model. (There goes another $100.00).

    So we're now dealing with a nearly $500.00 drone and it doesn't even have its own transmitter! LOL.

    I'm just throwing those points out there, but there really doesn't seem to be a practical application for this "VIO" if it can't 'see' in the dark. Explorers and /or spelunkers may find a great use for the drone if it used a form of laser (microwave or otherwise), which would allow the drone to fly into an unexplored cave and allow the pilot to see what they're in for if they continue.

    The "VIO" technology has a lot of potential, but I haven't even searched to see if there isn't already a consumer-grade 'explorer-drone' with a refined form of "VIO-like" technology on the market that can already do the operations in my examples.

    Thank you for Part 2 and I'll be watching for Part 3.

  7. Nice review, great to see the performance indoors, looks really impressive. When you say โ€˜it's not really an outdoor drone' how can this be true? Allot of the features Mark has been advertised to have don't even work in indoor mode such a object tracking, helix, profile recording, dynamic selfie etc – I believe all these require Mark to be set to outdoor mode and that the drone is at an altitude of at least 3metres (Don't have my drone yet, but pretty sure this is correct, Iโ€™m a KS backer)

  8. Umm Ch 149 is (usually anyway) 5ghz(5745) in Europe and as such is an SRD (25mw) limited channel. I'm not sure that it is entirely legal in the UK either
    I'm slightly confused by your designation of that channel

  9. Question. Why would drone crash when I fly outside with Home mode? It doesn't make sense, does it? What is the difference between Home and Outdoor modes? Thanks.


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