HHD H3 RC FPV Drone Tank and Stunt Wheel Drive Flight Test Review


This 3 in 1 RC vehicle is a drone, tank, and stunt wheel in one. Includes FPV capability for all three. Find it here and get 10% off with SALE10 Pros – Easily converts…


  1. Q101 this isn't your fault but I'd like to advise the rest of the viewers that RCMoment is not great place to buy from. I bought this the day you posted it, Took them over a week to finally ship it, then it will not arrive for two weeks after that. I will not do business with them again.

  2. Let me help you with some time table for this video if you want to skip ahead:
    0:41 Unboxing
    2:28 Drone FPV Camera explanation
    3:00 Controller
    3:42 Quadcopter Flight (with camera)
    5:54 Process of switching to TANK mode
    7:24 TANK FPV
    8:49 Process of switching to Stunt Wheel Mode
    10:17 Trying Stunt wheel
    13:29 Video Stability Demonstration ( it's pretty amazing in fact, haha)

    Paul Archer, A fellow Drone reviewer


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