HGLRC XJB 145 Micro FPV Race Drone Review – Unboxing, Flight / CRASH Test!, Pros & Cons


Enjoy my full review of the surprisingly good HGLRC XJB 145 Micro Racing Drone. Get it here COUPON: RCTYOFF USA Warehouse Sale …


  1. I ended up taking a few micro racers with me on vacation to review. This one did spectacular with an out of the box tune.. surpassing my flight ability in every way. Great and speedy little ripper! Highly recommended if your looking for your next step up in this size category and its quality pre built.
    Get it here https://goo.gl/XieJhz COUPON: RCTYOFF
    USA Warehouse Sale https://goo.gl/2Fv2Wg
    SkyZone and other FPV Goggles https://goo.gl/bGxe6R
    FrSky Taranis QX7S Radio https://goo.gl/gAhWLv
    GNB 550mah 3s Battery https://goo.gl/A2fsZz

  2. For some reason I can not get my frsky receiver to control the FC? Does anyone know how to put the frsky r xsr utra on this thing? I was able to bind the receiver with the controller but cant get it to work in betaflight to control the FC..Not sure what I am doing wrong? what wires should I put together? I thought it was color coded? help

  3. Hi. I am new. I got the same quad, same rsxr , but cant get the wiring right to get telemetry on my controller and stuff. Could you please just show the wiring? It would be very well appreciated. thanks

  4. Dude. Help me. I have same quad, same rsxr but cant get the telemetry. I am new at this, could you just show the wiring. I would really appreciate it. There is not a lot of info for the real new guy, not so electronic kinda person.

  5. Nice ripper. Great review Dustin thanks. Dustin you have any info r website on cabin. Wife and I looking to go on vacation. Looks like a quiet place. If you can email info thanks Dustin. Tedlov06@gmail.com

  6. hello.
    nice video…

    this video made me think about a question for the other kind of drone, like dji pahntom, mavic, air, etc…
    is there an option in their app to can "block " the camera, and NOT compensate the drone mouvements?

    thank you;

  7. top review, just got one of these, seen many reviews of it and nobody mentions that the vtx has the tramp protocol, that's one reason i got it, can change vtx power and band in osd, is it just mine that does that ?

  8. She's fire Dustin, $135 ripper. Buddy snagged a frsky bnf, it competes all day with the sparrow! For everyone saying it moves, yes but throttle control, and angle will slow you down..that's just common! Cool review, always love when you get to the fpv side mane! But yo route those antennas for the rx down on the arms, better protection and all around better signal.


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