HDR / AEB with DJI Drones | Complete Guide | Photography Tips


If you own a DJI drone ( then you should take the chance and take fantastic HDR / AEB photos. I will show you all essential steps …


  1. Tom I will use this technque with my Mavic 2 Pro but I think I can also use it for my mirrorless Sony A7 camera to. On my camera I can make it shot 5 images but there are different options of each exposure to take. These are: 0.3EV to 3.0EV 3 or 5 images. What setting would you choose for sunsets?

  2. I do a substantial amount of HDR photography and found That using Photomatix Pro (99$ one time cost) to be superior in quality, richer in features and substantially lower in cost than using Photoshop and Lightroom – i strongly recommend for all of you to check it out (it has a trial version)

  3. Often, another way to address HDR, especially with video captures, is to adjust the contrast setting of the camera to a negative value. By decreasing the contrast, you narrow the histogram of the captured image so that you avoid data in the ALL BLACK or ALL WHITE zones. You can then set the black and white points in post processing.

  4. Hi tom love watching your youtube videos very good i just have started my own youtube channel {RODPIKER} flying my Dji Spark and hope to grow my channel maybe you would consider having a look at them and give any advice on flying and Like / Subscribe/ Share. Look forward to seeing you next videos and learn something about techniques in flying my drone. Hoping to upgrade to Mavic Air or Mavic pro II when it comes out. Maybe you might give me a mention on one of your videos .Thanks for taking the time to read this . Your sincerely RODNEY.

  5. Why are you using an iPhone and a laptop frame over your screen capture? Its looks stupid like an early 90s tv commercial and you are just wasting screen space. Remove the frame so your screen captures are larger and easier to look at the details, specially for us who are using an iPad or iPhone to watch your videos

  6. Man this is an awesome tutorial something I have been needing. Thank you so much now its time to take the quality to the next level thanks to this. Very detailed, thorough and yet easy to understand. Perfect


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