HD Video Drone Instructional Video


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  1. This piece of trash doesn't work, random things are not working. I used this drone about 4 times, never crashed it. Now it doesnt turn on in Mode 2, and also doesnt turn off the rotors unless i click Auto Land. ETC. Regret buying this trash.

  2. Great and helpful vid, but how come the dude changes so much randomly in the middle of it? Darker blue shirt, darker hair, slightly different shot and lighting, and he looks like even lost 10 pounds…haha! Just strange.

  3. Mine has to be the worst thing I've bought, the auto start just lauches into the air, after many adjustments reading and rereading of the manual it still just flies a crooked line at best. It fails to receive commands and the auto land just kills the rotors and it drops like a rock. My latest attempt in a wide open parking lot at night resulted in it launching off at high speed without me touching the controls and flew 80 yards into a 40 foot tree and I just left it there to rot. It wouldn't respond to the remote, (with brand new batteries) and just flew off full speed until it crashed. All in all, this is probably the worst waste of money I've spent in years and my mother was so excited to take videos, and fly it around.
    Background: I have had a few smaller drones and RC Choppers and 2 RC planes in the 300-700$ range and flew them all with no problems. I'm also a pretty avid gamer and used to play for MLG and ESports on Halo, COD and GoW… so I know how to be gentle with remotes and patient but this thing was just awful right out of the box.. The first time I turned it on to set it up, as the rotors kicked in it jumped sideways into a table.. again NOT TOUCHING THE CONTROLS.

    I concede that mine is probably faulty but its just ridiculous that the basic functions don't work properly.. I don't expect my money back because I have cancer and one lung so I'm not climbing a 40ft tree..

  4. I only had mine for 10 min on Christmas   day, my first tryout  it went in the air on its own ,I turn the control  off that didn't stop it ,,never seen it again,,,,,,,,dont buy this one ,,they wont help you, its like my lost I was like wow ok , people its a lost of

  5. Never got this thing to fire up at all, drone lights just keep flashing after the remote syncs. Disappointed even though my expectations were pretty low to begin with.

  6. I just got one of these and they're fun to fly.I find it easier for me to fly under mode one,i know he said to fly under mode 2 for beginners but for me it was easy to fly under mode 1…

  7. Please help. I got this for Christmas and the first time i got the video to stream thru my phone. Now I can't get my phone to hook up to the plane wifi to stream the video. Is there a way to fix this

  8. It always flys backwards (On the red side) and acts different than other drones that i've had, but you said that it's just, left is going up and down, but for me its completely different

  9. I have a question about the drone. Just to confirm, the video/ pictures that are taken are all put onto a sd card, where they can then be downloaded onto the computer and used?


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