HAWAII DRONE FUN! – World Flight Episode 67


DAY 1518 // 2ND NOVEMBER 2017 // Kona, Hawaii Pre-order our documentary! Contact us to get involved, Host us or collaborate! beyondborders@livetheadventure.club…


  1. Literally looks like heaven on earth. I did Hawaiian dancing for about 10 years when i was younger and always wanted to go there. Had I stayed on that path, maybe the opportunity would have presented itself. Thanks Louis for sharing this beautiful place.

  2. It would be nice to purchase a bundle of shots from this trip to use as a screen saver. Is this possible? I have made a small donation for this trip,but would give more for screen saver pics.

  3. I was the most impressed by the shots in the garden at the beginning. It was mesmerizing, perfectly capturing the feeling of rest, recuperation, hideout, laziness. A yawning cat ๐Ÿ˜€ It really takes skill to depict a stopped moment this well. Louis, that was almost Tarkovsky level cinematography. Thank you!

  4. เธฃเน€เซฎาก!
    โ“โ“ฆโ“”โ“ขโ“žโ“œโ“”ย โ“ขโ“Ÿโ“žโ“ฃ
    ินี…ีิพส…ี„ิตeย ินีกeีิพสeีŒeีี!

  5. Love this series, and I'm glad I picked it up again, but I have to admit that I'm a bit sad they ended up staying so many days on Hawaii. I perfectly understand why, and I think it was great for Louis and JP to have some days to cool down and recharge before the end of the trip, but I feel like Hawaii is so overexposed compared to some of the places they just skipped through on their way. That said, I'm really excited about these videos nonetheless. I do hope however that when they make the documentary that they focus on some of the more special places they went such as Greenland, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I think steering away from the well exposed areas will be great for the documentary so that it doesn't become yet another generic "this is [fill in place]" type of documentary just showing the main tourist attractions and most visited areas.


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