Guide To Ohm’s Law & Battery Safety For Beginners (ECIG)


In this video I do a guide to ohms law and battery safety for beginners looking to use mech mods and getting into vaping(ecigs) here are the links you need: …


  1. Great vid bro but I've had a few ppl actually show me this vid claiming you have a sub ohm tank on a mech mod I know it's not but please make sure ppl know not to use sub ohm tanks on a mech mod…. This isn't a newb thing but alot of ppl are buying mechs and throwing sub ohm tanks on them then go boom so please touch base on that in your next mech mod vid plz again great vid

  2. I wanted to thank you for this video, i stopped sub ohm vaping, and now have bought everything necessary to safely build along with a pulse bf and pulse 24 and have studied my ohms law and battery safety and this video has helped me understand so much more too, thank you so much forreal!!!!

  3. First off I love your channel, And now onto a question I have! I just ordered a V God mech and it is my first mech ever!!! I've been vaping for about 2 years and have many, many vw & temp control mods and many Rda's and rta tanks and I been wanting a mech and finally pulled the trigger and bought it! And as I said I got the v god and I also ordered a set of Sony VTC 5 battery's! I have always heard they were great for a mech, I did not know the Sony vtc 4 was better! So my question is what is a good solid safe build to run on a vtc 5? I fully respect the danger of the mech world and im very nervous, but gezz I've wanted one so long now!! Another question I have some 3000 mah MxJo battery's would they be any better than the Vtc 5 Sony's?
    Anywho sorry for this long post, I really dig your channel and figured you would be the man to ask!!!!
    Thanks for any help in advance.


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