1. If you happen to be watching this video to see the quality the Mavic Pro produces, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that Casey wasn't aware of the tap-to-focus feature of the drone at this point in time. He brings this up in a later vlog, admitting that the seemingly soft and blurry image was user-error and NOT because the Mavic's camera is terrible. The Mavic is a great compact drone (with 4K capabilities!) and don't let this one time error influence your purchasing decisions.

    Have a great day.

  2. DJI customer service sucks!!! You all better hope your drones a perfect and don't have to send then back! They'll also forget to send your battery back because they're a bunch of incompetent fools!!

  3. I've been BUILDING my own Drones for Several years (or Quadcopters / Tricopters) to use their PROPER names!
    From selecting motors, speed controllers, flight controllers, programming PID's plus adding FPV gear….

    OK, so my Drone costs a fraction to build, compared to these DJi products, I don't get 7km range, I don't get HD Video streaming (FPV view), or advanced autonomous flight modes.

    Any man or child can walk into a high street store now and pickup one of these READY MADE drones. You DON'T need any skill to operate it… to the point you are completely disconnected from the technology at all. No sense of achievement (from building the Drone you see flying in front of you) either! So DJi, you opened up easy access to Drones to the MASSES!

    This leads to a whole new breed of CLUELESS, "wanna be" aerial photographers, who have never heard of the FAA or CAA, or any rules around flying these! Thanks DJi for great products, but you also killed drone building as a hobby – plus forcing the latter Authorities to invent new tight restrictions on where and how such craft CAN and CANT be flown!

    Time to look for a new hobby!

  4. I'm guessing that this is one of the videos that the faa is looking at? They are a bit anal even when there is absolutely no evidence to support their argument that drones are dangerous. Not one person has ever been killed or even seriously injured by a drone. No plane has ever been seriously put in danger by a drone. Drones just give the faa another reason for existing and another revenue stream that will certainly bring in much wanted funds. They are quite pleased to be tapping another well. At least drone registration was shot down so they can't go after you for that. They will however rape you for flying beyond vlos and I know they threw the book at a guy for flying under a crane. They can't prove who was flying at that time so I would just have them speak with my attorney. Good luck with it man.


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