Great Practice Drone with a Camera for Beginners Syma X5HC 1 TheRcSaylors


Buy This Drone Here – The Syma X5HC-1 is a great Camera Drone for a Beginner! If you are wanting to hone your camera drone skills …


  1. Hey, I've been seeing a discount on the website that puts this drone at the same price as the 8807HD. Although this one seems a bit more legit, I like the fact that the 8807 is foldable.

    Which one do you recommend getting, if they're the same price?
    Camera is important, as it is a gift for a friend taht enjoys recording videos.

  2. Being a fan of the x5c, which also had a camera, they all came with on_off switch. These was my trainer and they are indistructable. Love your show guys. High Popeye.

  3. This is my one except mine is the X5HW, I got two batterys with my one for some strange reason wich I'm not complaining about. I have looked through all your videos and that's me just finding this. It's 3:40am here in tge uk s OK this is defiantly needs to be my last video or I won't be able to get out my bed in the morning.great video

  4. Thanks for this great review ,I will be buying this next month ,I never seen a quad with this many feature for such a low price I bought several quads ,it's hard to find one that fits most of your needs ,without going broke or they are hard to fly

  5. I finally figured out what Abby meant with the cards. Duuh! Watching your reviews helped put into perspective what is happening in the world of quads. Since I started watching I have purchased the Hubsan Desire GPS quad and a pile of Furibee F36s. I also ordered the4k ultra camera you reviewed with the Bugs 3 but have not received it yet. Thanks for everything you do, and don't let the whiner/beggers get to you.

  6. +Rex reynante hey thanks for the reply. I'm in Canada and with the crappy Canadian dollar the 502 is around $350. I decided to go with the 501s, it's a little over $200 and I think it will be a good introductory quad. I tried to talk my sister into spending the extra 100 but she wasn't having it. they just don't understand lol. thanks for the reply!

  7. speaking of altitude hold, what is the best budget quad around $200 rtf in your opinion? the dromida xl looks great but I had a really bad experience with a dromida vista as well as bad Dromida replacement parts. this quad is for my brother in law who has never flown. looking for one with good video quality and easy to fly.

  8. Great flying Abby, the down side ofย  you getting so good, we don't get the durability tests anymore.Camera is quiet good,ย  but not getting very excited about the Quad, same old same O. of Syma, why not come with a new design Syma?

  9. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to get a drone with altitude hold and I do like SYMA quadcopters so this definitely works for a starter before I shell out the bigger bucks later for a X8HG. I was able to find oneย forย $54. Thanks again.

  10. Decent little quad there. Would liked to have seen it fly in calm winds as well. I think people are interested in two types of beginner quads. Ones that can take pictures and video (higher priced) and those that don't (lower priced).


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